Chapter 5. Managing Your Documents

This chapter gives you a tutorial of the Documents application and step-by-step instructions on how to use basic actions via the following main topics:

  • Documents Interface

    Overall introduction to the Documents interface, and common views which can be switched in the Documents application.

  • Navigating through Documents

    Ways to browse your documents in the Documents application, both in the Icons and List views.

  • Working with basic actions

    Step-by-step instructions on how to do basic actions on your documents and folders.

  • Organizing your content

    Instructions on various ways for you to arrange your documents efficiently.

  • Sharing your documents

    Information about the Auto-share feature which is integrated into the Documents application.

  • Extending your actions

    Detailed instructions on how to extend some useful actions which are not set by default in the Documents application.

The content management is one of key strategies in the organizational process of each enterprise. A good content management allows you to:

  • Store, share and work on the same content efficiently.

  • Trace changes of content intuitively and instantly.

  • Simplify the way to manage your content.

The Enterprise Content Management system delivered by eXo Platform not only satisfies basic demands (for example, uploading, previewing and sharing/editing), but also makes useful capabilities available (versioning, metadata, advanced searches, and more). These new management solutions featured in the Documents application are built on existing content management capabilities in a flexible and practical way.

Terms commonly used in this chapter

  • The "document" denotes a file, script, image or piece of information.

  • The "folder" denotes a directory which contains a set of documents and even sub-folders.

  • The "content" is used for denoting both document and folder.

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