3.3.2. Managing members

Select the Members tab in Space Settings page.

Here, you can do many actions on members as follows:

Inviting new members

You can invite other users to join your spaces as follows:

After that, you will see the list of invited users. The invitees will see your invitations in the Invitations application at the right panel of their homepage.

Revoking your invitations

If the invited users have not accepted your requests yet, you can revoke your invitations by clicking corresponding to the users' name. The users will be removed from the Invited list.

Validating/Declining request

As a manager or creator of a space, you can validate other users' requests for joining your space.

Promoting/Demoting a member


Be careful not to remove the rights for yourself; otherwise, you will not be able to change your space's settings anymore.

Removing a member

Click corresponding to the member you want to delete in the Members list.

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