Working with attachments

Attachments are any files enclosed with your pages. They may be images, documents, presentation or multimedia files.

Viewing all attachments of a page

The attachments are displayed at the bottom of a wiki page.

Here, you can:

Adding an attachment to a page

There are two ways to add an attachment to a page:

The first way

In this way, you need to scroll down the page to find the Attachment panel at the bottom. In case you do not see the Attachment panel, click at the page header first.

  1. Click Upload New File to open the upload window.

  2. Select a file from your local device, then click Open. The file will then be auto-uploaded.

The second way

You can use this method when editing the page content with WYSIWYG editor (Rich Text editor). This way will create a link for the uploaded file.

  1. Select a page to which you want to add an attachment.

  2. Select Edit at the Page Control area. For more details, see the Editing a page section.

  3. Select the Rich Text editor on the page toolbar.

  4. Click on the toolbar of the Rich Text editor, then select Attached File... from the drop-down menu.

    The Link form is displayed as below.

  5. Select a file to upload. Now you can upload a new file or select one file from existing files.

    • Uploading a new file:

    i. Double-click Upload new file/Upload file..., or click Upload new file/Upload file...Select in the Current page or All pages tab respectively.

    ii. Browse a file from your local device to upload, then select Create Link.

    Optionally, you can provide the link label and tooltip by clicking Link Settings before clicking Create Link,

    • Selecting from existing files: Double-click your desired file, or click the file and select Select.

      The form to edit the link parameters appears.

      Click Create Link to update the link.

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