2.7.3. Navigation resource bundles

There is a resource bundle for each navigation. A navigation can exist for user, groups and portal.

The previous example shows bundle definitions for the navigation of the classic portal and of four different groups. Each of these resource bundles occupies a different sphere, they are independent of each other and they are not included in the portal.resource.names parameter.

The properties for a group must be in the WEB-INF/classes/locale/navigation/group/ folder. For example, /WEB-INF/classes/locale/navigation/group/organization/management/executive-board_en.properties.

The folder and file names must correspond to the group hierarchy. The group name "executive-board" is followed by the ISO 639 code.

Each language defined in LocalesConfig must have a resource file defined. If the name of a group is changed, the name of the folder and/or files of the correspondent navigation resource bundles must also be changed.

Content of executive-board_en.properties:

organization.newstaff=New Staff

This resource bundle is only accessible for the navigation of the organization.management.executive-board group.

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