5.7.1. Default configuration

The default producer configuration requires consumers to register with it before providing access to its services but does not require any specific registration properties (apart from what is mandated by the WSRP standard). It does, however, require consumers to be registered before sending them a full service description. This means that our WSRP producer will not provide the list of offered portlets and other capabilities to unregistered consumers. The producer also uses the default RegistrationPolicy paired with the default RegistrationPropertyValidator. You need to look into property validators in greater detail later in Section 5.7.2, “Registration configuration”. This allows you to customize how Portal's WSRP producer decides whether a given registration property is valid or not.

GateIn provides a web interface to configure the producer's behavior. You can access it by clicking the "Producer Configuration" tab of the "WSRP" page of the "admin" portal. Here's what you should see with the default configuration:

As expected, you can specify whether or not the producer will send the full service description to unregistered consumers, and, if it requires registration, which RegistrationPolicy to use (and, if needed, which RegistrationPropertyValidator), along with required registration property description for which consumers must provide acceptable values to register successfully.

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