5.7. Configuring GateIn's WSRP producer

  • Default configuration

    Introduction to the default producer configuration that requires consumers to register with it before providing access to its services.

  • Registration configuration

    Introduction to the configuration of the Portal's behavior with respect to registration and on the customization of the registration handling behavior.

  • WSRP validation mode

    Introduction to the WSRP validation mode.

The preferred way to configure the behavior of Portal's WSRP Producer is via the WSRP configuration portlet. Alternatively, it is possible to edit the $GATEIN_HOME/wsrp-producer.war/WEB-INF/conf/producer/config.xml file. Several aspects can be modified with respects to whether the registration is required for consumers to access the Producer's services.


An XML Schema defining which elements are available to configure Consumers via XML can be found in: $GATEIN_HOME/lib/wsrp-integration-api-$WSRP_VERSION.jar/xsd/gatein_wsrp_producer_1_0.xsd.

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