2.2.5. Repository Creation Service Configuration Repository Creation Service interface

RepositoryCreationService is the service which is used to create repositories in runtime. The service can be used in a standalone or cluster environment.


RepositoryConfigurationService depends on the next components:

How it works

There are two ways to create a repository: make it in single step - just call createRepository(String backupId, RepositoryEntry); or reserve repositoryName at first (reserveRepositoryName(String repositoryName), then create the reserved repository (createRepository(String backupId, RepositoryEntry rEntry, String token).


  • Each datasource in RepositoryEntry of a new Repository must have unbinded datasources. This means such a datasource must not have database behind it. This restriction is to avoid corruption with existing repositories data.

  • RPCService is an optional component, but RepositoryCreatorService cannot communicate with other cluster-nodes without it.

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