2.2. Advanced configuration

  • Search configuration

    Details of Search configuration, including XML parameters, global search index and indexing tuning.

  • Lock Manager configuration

    Instructions on how to configure LockManager which is used to store Lock objects.

  • Query Handler configuration

    Details of Indexing in clustered environment, query-handler parameters, cluster-ready indexing strategies, Asynchronous reindexing and Lucene tuning.

  • Configuring JCR in cluster

    Requirements related to environment and configuration, instructions on how to configure JBoss Cache and stop a node properly in the cluster environment.

  • Repository Creation Service

    Overview of dependencies and how RepositoryCreationService works, details of its configuration and interface.

  • Transaction Service

    Details of existing TransactionService implementations and JBoss TransactionService.

  • External Value Storages

    Details of Tree File Value Storage, Simple File Value Storage and Content Addressable Value Storage support.

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