1.15.2. JMX management view

JMX annotations

@org.exoplatform.management.jmx.annotations.Property annotation

The @Property annotation is used within other annotations, such as @NameTemplate or @NamingContext. It should be seen as a structural way for a list of properties. A property is made of a key and a value. The value can either be a string literal or it can be surrounded by curly brace to be a dynamic property. A dynamic property is resolved against the instance of the object at runtime.

@org.exoplatform.management.jmx.annotations.NameTemplate annotation

The @NameTemplate defines a template that is used at registration time of a managed object to create the JMX object name. The template is formed of properties.


  @Property(key="container", value="workspace"),
  @Property(key="name", value="{Name}")})

@org.exoplatform.management.jmx.annotations.NamingContext annotation

The @NamingContext annotation defines a set of properties which are used within a management context. It allows propagating properties down to managed objects which are defined by an object implementing the ManagementAware interface. The goal is to scope different instances of the same class that would have the same object name otherwise.

@NamingContext(@Property(key="workspace", value="{Name}"))
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