1.15.1. Managed framework API

The managed frameworks defines an API for exposing a management view of objects. The API is targeted for internal use and is not a public API. The framework leverages 5 Java annotations to describe the management view from an object.


@org.exoplatform.management.annotations.Managed annotation

The @Managed annotates elements that wants to expose a management view to a management layer.

  • @Managed for objects

    The framework will export a management view for the objects annotated.

  • @Managed for getter/setter

    Defines a managed property. An annotated getter defines a read property, and an annotated setter defines a write property. If matching getter/setter is annotated, it defines a read/write property.

  • @Managed on method

    Defines a managed operation.


The @ManagedDescription annotation provides a description of a managed element. It is valid to annotated object or methods. It takes a string (that is the description value) as sole argument.


The @ManagedName annotation provides an alternative name for managed properties. It is used to accommodate legacy methods of an object that can be renamed for compatibility reasons. It takes a string (that is the name value) as sole argument.


The @ManagedBy annotation defines a delegate class for exposing a management view. The sole argument of the annotation are class literals. The delegate class must provide a constructor with the managed object as argument.

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