eXo Platform is an open-source social-collaboration software, full featured, based on standards and extensible.

With eXo Platform, you can build modern social intranets and websites with user experience services by leveraging the following features:
Social features allow users to connect, collaborate within dedicated spaces, and publish real-time updates in activity streams. Support for OpenSocial provides a Framework for building gadgets that can display and mash up activity information for contacts, social networks, applications and services.
Collaboration & Knowledge Management
Collaboration & Knowledge Management tools let you build a more productive and interactive social intranet and provide valuable knowledge base. eXo Platform provides full-featured enterprise wiki to improve knowledge capture and sharing, full-featured enterprise message board with built-in security, rating, polls and moderation, complete and integrated calendar to manage multiple personal and group agendas and share them with others, and a powerful Q&A system.
Content Management
Document Management for storing and managing file documents in an xCMIS-compliant repository, and taking the advantage of version history, rollbacks, votes, comments and more.
Content Management allowing you to build advanced websites by developing or extending templates. This feature allows you to build intranets, extranets and corporate websites using the same platform; share users, content and applications between sites.
Portal Framework
An enterprise portal serves as a powerful Framework for developing portlets and other web-based user interfaces, and is based on the open source GateIn portal project co-developed by eXo and Red Hat.
Native mobile applications for iPhone, iPad and Android allow users to easily and securely access their personalized intranet dashboards, activity streams, documents and more.
Custom development in the web-based IDE is an intuitive web-based development environment where you can build, test and deploy client applications, such as gadgets and mash-ups, and RESTful services online. Offering the ability to extend eXo Platform online, eXo IDE instantly publishes any application that you can create and deploy immediately in your portal-based solution.

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