What's new in eXo 4.1?

In 4.1, eXo Platform introduces some new features that administrators and end-users will be keen to see.

Social Email Notification
This feature helps users keep track what happens in the intranet, by sending email notification on wide range of activities. Users can subscribe, unsubscribe and choose which activities they are interested in.
Add-ons Manager
A simple but powerful tool to manage your add-ons now replaces the old extension.sh. eXo Add-ons are distributed online and eXo Add-ons Manager helps you install and upgrade them in a breeze.
Calendar UX Improvement

Recurring event: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and more flexible patterns are supported.

End-date suggestion: comforts the creation and editing of events.

eXo Chat

eXo Chat enhances your team collaboration through many functions, like file sharing, recording, Video Calls integrated, and Calendar integrated.

Video Calls

Video Calls is a new add-on compatible with eXo Platform 4.1 and later. It brings real-time collaboration via screen sharing, one-to-one and group calls. This feature is integrated anywhere you can see people's activities.

Configuration Simplification

Setting up cluster now can be done very quickly:

The external properties of eXo Platform are refined, better ready-made:

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