Chapter 1. Video Calls

Video Calls delivers a real-time video chat experience that allows your company to facilitate the direct communication among individuals and groups, and boost the employee engagement and productivity. Here is what Video Calls brings to you:

  • 1:1 and Group Calls: Participate in face-to-face meetings with high-resolution video calls.

  • Platform-wide integration: Initiate video calls from anywhere you can see activities of co-workers, for example, activity streams, profile page or connection page.

  • Screen sharing: Share your desktop to your co-workers for the easier collaboration.

  • Fine-grained permissions: Easily assign the access permissions for video calls to users and groups, and the call types (1:1 Calls, or Group Calls, or both).


The Video Calls feature is currently available for the Enterprise editions and only work for the Mac and Windows users.

In this chapter:

  • eXo Platform server setup

    This topic is for administrators only that gives steps for installing Video Calls and configuring the Weemo keys.

  • Client setup

    This topic is for users who need to set up Weemo Driver Installer on their clients before being able to use Video Calls.

  • Quick Video Calls

    Where to launch Video Calls on eXo Platform, and options you can perform when placing video calls, as well as common troubleshooting that you may meet.

  • Placing a call button in your application

    Instructions to re-use the utilities committed by eXo's Weemo extension project.

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