Default skin

The default skin of eXo Platform is in $PLATFORM_TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/eXoResources.war or $PLATFORM_JBOSS_HOME/standalone/deployments/platform.ear/platform-ui-web-eXoResources.war. The main files associated with the skin are:

Common style classes

Currently, eXo Platform customizes twitter bootstrap to build its skin. It uses LESS to generate CSS files. You can find the .less files here. eXo Platform also writes some new stylesheets and adds them to the less folder.

The general folder structure for the eXo Platform skin: /webapp/skin/less.

|- skin
|--- images
|--- less
|----- Core.less
|----- variables.less
|----- mixins.less
|----- reset.less
|----- components
|----------- style.less
|----- Portlets
|----------- portletName
|------------------ style.less
|----- PortletThemes
|----------- style.less

The followings are common classes overridden from bootstrap:

Besides, there are other sub-folders in the less folder. Each of them defines a component.

Common components

This section shows you the common components used for eXo Platform. Refer to eXo UX Guidelines to know how to use these common components.

Common components overridden from the bootstrap include:

The followings are common components of eXo Platform:

Portlet themes

The general structure of portlet themes is as follows:

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