Skin service

The eXo Platform skin is processed by SkinService. It is used to discover and deploy skins into the portal.

eXo Platform has a file descriptor for skins (WEB-INF/gatein-resources.xml) which is to specify which portal, portlet and window decorators are deployed into SkinService. eXo Platform can automatically discover web archives containing this gatein-resources.xml file. The full schema can be found in lib/exo.portal.component.web.resources-x.x.x.jar!/gatein_resources_1_3.xsd or at http://www.gatein.org/xml/ns/gatein_resources_1_3.xsd.

Here is the gatein-resources.xml file of a sample skin (called "MySkin") which defines the portal skin with its CSS location, portlet windows and portlet skins:

    <!-- define the portal skin -->

    <!-- define the portlet skin -->

In which:

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