Chapter 3. Customizing Your Site

When working with eXo Platform, it is important not to modify the source code. This will ensure compatibility with future upgrades, and support will be simplified. To customize your site, you need to create an extension project by providing your own artifacts as a set of wars/jars/ears.

This chapter will show you how to customize your site using the extension mechanism provided by eXo Platform.

  • Defining structure of a site

    Required knowledge of a site's structure, including portal.xml, pages.xml and navigation.xml.

  • Creating a new site

    Steps to create a new site, how to define a site as default and to create custom templates for it.

  • Managing features of a new site

    How to manage various features of a new site, including enabling/disabling the drive creation, adding JavaScript, localizing with resources, adding/removing a language, declaring a servlet/filter, and creating a custom look and feel. All these features are managed through your extension project.

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