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What you will learn

  • Understanding the eXo Platform architecture.

  • Setting up your development environment by using Maven.

  • Understanding the eXo Platform extensions and how to create an extension project.

  • Customizing look and feel, templates, pages, navigations and content on your site. See Customization Capabilities with eXo Platform for details.

  • Integrating and developing your own applications, including gadgets and portlets.

  • Integrating your existing user management, such as from LDAP, into your site for authentication and authorization.

  • Understanding APIs used in eXo Platform.


Beginning with simple knowledge, you will see specific steps with hands-on code and illustrations. Through a series of practical ways in this guide, you can find out solutions and popular activities in details for your specific demands.


This guide is for developers who want to develop eXo Platform in various aspects. Some experiences in Java Core and Java Web are recommended when following this guide.

What this guide covers

The guide you are reading is intended to be a rich introduction to the depth of eXo Platform. As a developer, you can use this guide to have a solid framework for achieving your goals on eXo Platform. Throughout this guide, you will meet a high-level tour of eXo Platform and its capabilities via the following chapters:

  • Getting Started

    An introduction to terms commonly used, the process to set up Maven settings, and understanding of eXo Platform Architecture.

  • eXo Platform Extensions

    Knowledge of portal container and extension, and how to create an extension project.

  • Customizing Your Site

    A procedure that instructs you to define structure of a site, to create a new site and to manage its features.

  • Developing Content

    Details on how to customize content form, dialog validator, content list templates, publication lifecycle, CKEditor and categories in eXo Platform.

  • Developing Applications

    How to integrate an application, to develop a portlet/gadget and to extend eXo applications.

  • Developing REST services

    How to develop a REST service via 3 ways: Jax-RS, Groovy REST service and IDE.

  • Managing Your Organization

    How to initialize organization by XML configuration and to manage your organization with API.

  • eXo Platform APIs

    Definitions of API levels, and a list of eXo Platform APIs and provisional APIs.

  • Cookbook

    Steps on how to copy a site to another eXo Platform server.

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