4.5.2. File and Folder Structure

Inside CKEditor

There are the following folders:

coreContains source codes of CKEditor that are not compressed yet. These source codes are used for running in the development mode.
devContains sub-folders and files that are used for generating JavaScript files in the production mode. In this mode, all these files are compressed.
langContains language files of CKEditor.
pluginsContains plugin files that are necessary for CKEditor to work.
samplesContains samples of CKEditor.
skinsContains themes of CKEditor along with toolbar buttons and stylesheet definitions.
ckeditor.jsThe heart of CKEditor application. It is the unique compressed file which contains all of codes to run CKEditor.
config.jsAllows users to customize some configurations.
contents.cssDefines the stylesheets of the CKEditor application.
styles.jsDefines style definitions for the CKEditor plugins.

CKEditor in the eXo Platform context

There is a .war package named CommonsResources which integrates the CKEditor application into eXo Platform. The source code is placed inside the [$Commons]/commons-webui-resources/src/main/webapp/ folder.

Its structure consists of the folders and files below:

Folders & FilesDescription
ckeditorContains all source codes of CKEditor.
eXoConfig.jsRegisters external plugins, and defines some types of the toolbar.
eXoPlugins.jsDefines some utility functions which can be used by external plugins.
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