Extended Publication Plugin

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This extended publication has new states and new profiles that are enabled in Content.

Start/End publication dates

In most cases, you do not want to publish a content directly, but at a defined date and you can also want the content to be unpublished automatically after that. New properties are added to the new publication plugin, that allows you to manage this:

The Content rendering engine does not know anything about publication dates, so another service needs to manage that. When the publisher sets start/end publication dates, he can "stage" the content. The content will go automatically to the "published" state when the start date arrives and to the "unpublished" state after end date. A cron job checks every hour (or less) all contents which need to be published (the start date in the past and the "staged" state) or unpublished (the end date in the past and the "published" state).

Thus, the publication dates are not mandatory and a content can go to:

New Publication Mixin

<nodeType hasOrderableChildNodes="false" isMixin="true" name="publication:authoringPublication" primaryItemName="">
      <propertyDefinition autoCreated="false" mandatory="true" multiple="false" name="publication:startPublishedDate" onParentVersion="IGNORE" protected="false" requiredType="Date">
      <propertyDefinition autoCreated="false" mandatory="true" multiple="false" name="publication:endPublishedDate" onParentVersion="IGNORE" protected="false" requiredType="Date">

Publication plugin UI:

Note that some labels containing special or non-ASCII characters could not be well displayed in the publication UI. You can extend the width of the current UI State button by adding:

.UIPublicationPanel .StatusTable .ActiveStatus {
width: 75px !important;}

Also, for the publication date inputs, UIPublicationPanel should not initialize the dates to any default value. The publishing and unpublish CRON jobs will do this:

See the export section for more information about the CRON jobs.

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