3.3.6. Poll JCR structure

The Poll data are saved in eXo-JCR under the eXoPolls data directory. The whole JCR structure of Poll can be visualized in the diagram below:

The Poll node is used to store the default data in a poll. The node type of the Poll node is exo:poll. The Poll node is stored under eXoPolls node /exo:applications/eXoPolls/%PortalName%/Polls/Poll-id% and its node type (exo:poll) has the following properties:

Properties nameRequired typeMultipleDescription
exo:idStringfalseThe poll Id.
exo:ownerStringfalseThe user Id of the poll creator.
exo:createdDateDatefalseThe date and time when the poll is created.
exo:modifiedByStringfalseThe Id of the user who made the last modification on the poll.
exo:modifiedDateDatefalseThe date and time when the latest modification on poll was made.
exo:lastVoteDatefalseThe date and time when the last vote was made.
exo:questionStringfalseThe question content of poll.
exo:timeOutLongfalseThe time when the poll will be closed.
exo:optionStringtrueThe list of options for poll. Each option is separated by commas.
exo:voteStringtrueThe list of votes by users.
exo:userVoteStringtrueThe list of user Ids who voted.
exo:isMultiCheckBooleanfalseEnables/Disables the multi-check. Users can vote for more than one option if the value is set to "true".
exo:isAgainVoteBooleanfalseEnables/Disables the option to vote again. Users can change their vote if the value is set to "true".
exo:isClosedBooleanfalseThe poll status: open/closed. The poll is closed if the value is set to "true".
exo:activityIdStringfalseWhen a Poll is created, a new activity will be created. The activity Id is stored as preference between Poll and the activity. When there are any updates on the poll, the corresponding activities will be updated on the Activity Stream.
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