Creating a topic

  1. Go into the forum where you want to start a new topic.

  2. Click .

  3. Enter the topic title and its content. The title must be less than 100 characters (special characters are accepted). You may set other optional properties if you want.

    • Click Attach files to attach files to your message. The Attach File form is displayed.

      • Click Select File to select a file from your local device, then click Save to accept attaching your file to the message. The maximum size for the attachment is 20Mb.

      • Click next to the attachment if you want to remove it.

    • Use BBCodes to format text, or to insert images, videos and links.

  4. Click Preview to see the topic before submitting, or click Submit to complete your topic.

Sharing the topic on Activity Stream

When a topic is created, an activity containing the topic title and content, the number of replies, and average rating is also created on the Activity Stream.

Replies, rating , information about the added/closed/removed poll and information about the edited/locked/unlocked/closed topic are added to the activity as comments.

When a comment is added to the activity from the Activity Stream, it will be updated to the Forums application as a reply of the topic.

When the topic title and content is modified, the activity will be updated and a comment is added to the activity.


  • In a forum that enables moderation, new topics will need reviewing and approving by moderators before being published.

  • You may not have right to start topics if the administrators/moderators set the Starting topic permission on the category and/or the forum for specific users/roles/groups only.

When creating a topic, you can also add extra properties to this topic:

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