8.8. Editing Calendar settings

You can change the Calendar preferences as follows:

  1. Open the Calendar Settings form via either of the following ways:

    • The first way: Click on the Calendar toolbar.

    • The second way: Click , then select Calendar Settings from the drop-down menu.

    The Calendar Settings form appears:

  2. Change your desired preferences.

    i. In the Settings tab, you can change the Calendar general settings:

    Default View

    The view type of Calendar View pane. You can define the default view type when you start Calendar (Day, Week, Month, List, Work Week).

    Date Format

    The date format which is displayed in Calendar, such as Starting date, Ending date in events/tasks.

    Time Format

    The time format which is displayed in Calendar, such as time of Starting date, or Ending Date and time displayed in the Calendar View pane.

    Time Zone

    The default time zone displayed in Calendar.

    Week Start on

    The first day of the week displayed in the Week and Work Week views.

    Show Working Times

    Clicks the checkbox to display the working times when viewing the calendar. The working time can be defined by selecting Starting and Ending time.

    Send Event Invitations

    Ticks one checkbox to set the default action that you want Calendar to perform once events have been created. There are 3 options:

    • Never: Calendar will not send invitations.

    • Always: Calendar will send invitations automatically to the participants.

    • Asked: Calendar will ask you whether to send invitations or not.

    ii. In the Displayed Calendars tab, you can define which calendars to be displayed in the Calendar application by simply ticking checkboxes.

    iii. In the Feeds tab, you can generate an RSS feed as stated in Generating RSS.

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