8.9. Generating RSS

This function allows you to publish your calendar as an RSS feed. It will build a URL that helps you keep track of all events via the RSS reader.

  1. Follow Step 1 to open the Calendar Settings form, then select the Feeds tab.

  2. Click Add to open the Edit Feed form.



    The name of the feed (required).


    The link of the feed (required).


    The calendar(s) which you will get feeds.

    Add More

    Adds the calendar that you want to get RSS feed.

  3. Input the name of RSS in the Name field.

    Click to generate the RSS link. The URL will be automatically generated into the URL field. Click to reset the RSS link.

  4. Select the calendar name that you want to get the RSS feed in the Add More field, then click to add your selected calendar.

    Click corresponding to the calendar name to delete your added calendar.

  5. Click Save to accept generating the feed, then click OK in the notification message.

    The created feed will be shown as below.

    • Click to get the RSS feed link which can be used in an RSS reader application to directly view your calendar events and tasks.

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