5.3.12. Managing permissions

This function allows you to manage permissions on content.

Here, you can perform the following actions:

Adding permissions

  1. Select a user or a membership or everyone whom you want to assign permissions by clicking or or respectively.

  2. Select right(s) you want to grants by ticking the corresponding checkboxes.


    When you select Modify Right or Remove Right only, the Read Right will be ticked automatically.

  3. Click Save to accept your changes. The new permissions will appear in the permissions table above.

Editing permissions

Editing permissions allows you to add more or remove a specific right granted to a user or membership.

  1. Define the permission of a user or membership in the permissions table.

  2. Tick/Untick the checkboxes corresponding to the rights you want to grant or remove respectively.

  3. Click Save to accept your changed rights.

Deleting permissions

  1. Select the permission of a user/membership in the permissions table.

  2. Click , then select OK in the confirmation message.


    You cannot delete your own permissions.

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