9.1.2. CKEditor

When using CKEditor to write/edit a document in eXo Platform, you can also:

Inserting a site link

  1. Click to open the Insert link to a site page form.

  2. Enter the site title of the link in the Title field.

  3. Enter the site URL manually, or you can also click Get portal link to open a page containing all the sites in the same server, then select one that you want.

  4. Click Preview to view the site.

  5. Click Save to accept inserting the site to the document.

Inserting a content link

  1. Click to open a page.

  2. Click the plus before the document name, or click directly the document name in the left pane to show the content in the right pane, or click to upload a file from your local device.

  3. Click content that you want to insert to the document.

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