9.6.1. Creating new web content

  1. Go to the Sites Management drive, then select a site to which you want to add web content.

  2. Select the web content folder on the left.


    In this step, you also can add new web content into another folders (documents and media folders) of a site but you are recommended to select the web content folder because:

    • Managing web content of a site becomes more easily.

    • You do not have to select many web content types in the list of document types. It makes adding new web content more flexibly.

  3. Click on the Action bar to open a list of content templates, including Illustrated Web Content, and Web content.

  4. Select a template to present the web content by clicking one.

  5. Enter values in fields of the form.

  6. Click Save or Save & Close to save the content or Close to quit the Add New Document form.

Tabs in the Add New Document form

When you create new content which is in draft, a new activity will be created on your activity stream and on the Social Intranet homepage. This activity shows the title , summary (if any), type , version and current status of the content, and the icon corresponding to the content type .

From the activity stream, you can:

When the content is deleted, the activity is also removed from the activity stream without any comment or notification.

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