Adding content


Adding new content by using InContext Editing is enabled for the content list viewer (CLV) only.

  1. Turn on the Edit Mode, then hover your cursor over the CLV to which you want to add new content.

  2. Click on the CLV.

    You will be redirected to the Sites Explorer with a list of content templates for you to select.


    Illustrated Web Content The web content is presented in two spaces. One is for inserting an image and the other for editing the content. The image will be put at the head of a site.
    Web Content This template is a free layout.
    Displays the list of the content templates in the Thumbnail view.
    Displays the list of the content templates in the List view.
    Cancels selecting the content template and back to the previous page.

  3. Click one template for your content. Each template has an Info bar on the top of the template.


    Change Content Type Selects another content types.
    Save Saves the content without closing the content form.
    Save & Close Saves the content and close the content form.
    Close Closes the content form without saving the content.
    Switches on/off the full-screen mode.

  4. Fill all the fields in the form. The field name is required.

  5. Click Save or Save & Close to save the content.

    After closing the content form, you can view the content and do some actions listed on the Action bar for the content. See the Working with basic actions for more details.


The folder, where a document is saved, is the path you have selected in the Managing preferences section.

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