Chapter 4. Authentication and Identity

This chapter provides you with knowledge of authentication and identity of portals, such as information related to passwords, accounts, organization configuration, and more via the following topics:

  • Introduction to authentication and authorization

    Details of login modules, different authentication workflows and authorization.

  • Password encryption

    Information about hashing and salting of passwords in Picketlink IDM.

  • Predefined user configuration

    Introduction to plugins used to specify the initial Organization configuration for predefined users, memberships and groups.

  • Authentication token configuration

    Knowledge of implementing and configuring the Token Service API.

  • PicketLink IDM integration

    Introduction to the PicketLink IDM configuration files.

  • Organization API

    Introduction to the OrganizationService component that serves as an entry point into Organization API, and provides the handling functionality for 5 main components, including UserHandler, UserProfileHandler, GroupHandler, MembershipTypeHandler, and MembershipHandler.

  • Accessing user profile

    Introduction to the configuration of retrieving the details for a logged-in user and the Organization Service.

  • Single-Sign-On (SSO)

    Introduction to forms of Single-Sign-On (SSO) as an integration and aggregation platform between GateIn and Central Authentication Service (CAS), JOSSO or SPNEGO.

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