3.2.3. Shindig configuration

Configuration file

eXo Platform uses a custom Shindig OpenSocial container for handling gadgets. Its configuration file named shindig.properties can be found at:


See the Apache Shindig documentation for Shindig configuration options.

Offline access

Some of the default features available in the Shindig version of eXo Platform require online access. Under normal situations if the server is started without internet access, there will only be a very minor delay at startup when it tries to access some third-party services. This delay should be less than a second and only occurs at startup and not during runtime.

Under some situations with some specific server settings, this delay may be longer. If you are using the eXo Platform server offline and notice long time-out from the gadget server during startup, you can configure the Shindig server to exclude online features. See the Disabling the Shindig default online features section of Administrator Guide for details.

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