6.2.7. Creating a new Teleport product

In this scenario, you add a content using Sites Explorer. Then to make it displayed in the Teleport page, you will add category for it.

You will use the Product template. For that you need to create a folder that allows children of type acme:product.

  1. Login as Mary.

  2. Click AdministrationContentSites Explorer.

  3. Open /acme node (be sure that you are in Sites Management drive).

    Click New Folder and create a folder named products with the custom type Content Folder.

  4. Select the newly created node, then click New ContentProduct template.

  5. Input name as Teleport Scroll, attach an image if you want and complete the product description. Then, click Save and Close to finish.

  6. Click MoreCategories and add the product to the powers/Teleport category.

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