6.2.9. Publishing the new Teleport product

The newly created Teleport Scroll product is a draft. Only some users can see it in the Teleport page in Edit mode.

You will publish it using Sites Explorer. In a later step, you will see that the publishing can be done directly in the page.

  1. Login as Mary.

  2. Click AdministrationContentSites Explorer.

  3. Select the product Teleport Scroll that you created.

  4. Click MorePublications.

  5. In the form that pops up, click Published, then select Close.

  6. If you have edited the illustration, you might need to publish it by the same way. The illustration node is /acme/products/teleport-scroll/medias/images/illustration.

After publishing, the product will show up for any user, but the default setting of Content List is not public for everyone, so go to next step to change it.

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