2.3.2. Creating/Editing a group chat

By creating a group chat, you can share work, knowledge and plans with your colleagues more efficiently. In eXo Chat, the "group chat" denotes discussion among space/team members. Your spaces (that you are owner or member) are auto-listed into the Spaces pane.

Creating a new group chat

  1. From the top navigation bar, click Open Chat to open the chat window.

  2. In the left Teams pane, select to create a new team.

  3. Enter name and invite another members to the team.

  4. Click Save to finish.

Editing a group chat

For the group that you have created in the Teams pane, you have right to change its name and add/remove members as follows:

  1. Select one team in the left pane.

  2. Select in the right top corner to open the Team form.

  3. Rename the team, add more members that is similar to when creating a new group chat, or remove members by clicking the corresponding .

  4. Click Save to accept your changes.

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