Modifying the project template structure

You can make changes for your project template structure by adding new folders/files or deleting some elements.

Making modifications for your project template structure

  1. Open the Create project template form as described in the Creating a project template section above.

  2. Select the target folder in the project template tree.

    Now you can:

    Adding a folder

    i. Click Add Folder to open the Add folder form.

    ii. Enter your desired folder name into the Name of new folder field and then click Add.

    Your newly added folder then will be added to the project template.

    Adding a new file

    i. Click Add File to open the Add file form.

    ii. Select your desired file template in the templates list.

    iii. Enter the file name into the File Name field, and then click the Add.

    Deleting some elements

    i. Select your desired item (folder/file) in the template project tree.

    ii. Click Delete.

    iii. Click Yes to confirm your deletion.

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