Previewing file properties/HTML files

Connected with the JCR repository node, file properties are displayed in the Properties tab at the bottom of Content panel.

Viewing file properties

  1. Open the file in the Content panel.

  2. Click at the right corner of the toolbar;

    Or, go to ViewProperties from the top menu.


It is impossible to view the properties of files created but unsaved yet.

The history of opened files is saved in browser cookies, so you can see all the file tabs opened even after refreshing the browser window.

Previewing HTML files

To preview the HTML file stored in the JCR, simply click on the toolbar;

Or, go to RunShow Preview from the top menu after opening the HTML file in the Content panel. The content of the HTML file is opened as a webpage in the Preview tab.


  • You cannot view files created but not saved yet.

  • Unsaved changes are not displayed when you edit the HTML file.

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