5.1. Installation and Access


IDE add-on is available for Enterprise Edition only.

eXo IDE is a powerful Web application which provides a rich environment for developing different content, scripts and services. It runs in a browser and allows you to access and work with files online from anywhere. eXo IDE offers:


Before working with eXo IDE, make sure that you have at least one of the two roles: administrators and developers. eXo IDE offers most of the same functionalities for them. However, only administrators can deploy their REST services on a common environment and use a kind of "sandbox" to deploy them.


Install IDE add-on by the command: addon install exo-ide-addon. The installation procedure of IDE is the same to that of another add-ons, as detailed in Installing/Uninstalling add-ons, Administrator Guide.


After installing the IDE extension in eXo Platform, you can access it by clicking IDE on the top navigation bar.

The IDE page is displayed and allows you to perform all its functions.

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