GateIn defines a set of parameters in its routing table, for each client request, the mapping engine processes the request path and returns the defined parameters with their values as a Map<QualifiedName, String>.


The gtn:handler name is one of the most important qualified names as it determines which handler will take care of the request processing just after the controller has determined the parameter map. The handler value is used to make a lookup in the handler map of the controller. The handler is a class that extends the WebRequestHandler class and implements the execute(ControllerContext) method. Several handlers are available by default:

gtn:sitetype / gtn:sitename / gtn:path

Those qualified names drive a request for the portal handler. They are used to determine which site to show and which path to resolve against a navigation. For instance, the (gtn:sitetype=portal,gtn:sitename=classic,gtn:path=home) instruct the portal handler to show the homepage of the classic portal site.


This parameter shows which language used in the URL for the portal handler. This is a new feature offered, now language can be specified on URL. It means that users can bookmark that URL (with the information about language) or he can change the language simply by modifying the URL address.

gtn:componentid / gtn:action / gtn:objectid

The webui parameters used by the portal handler for managing webui component URLs for portal applications (but not for portlet applications).

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