Chapter 4. Developing Content

This chapter provides developers with techniques for developing components in Content, usually known as Sites Explorer and Content Administration.

  • Content form

    Shows you how to develop a "content" - from its back-end as a JCR node type to the UI.

  • Dialog validator

    A validator is a part of a content edit form (called dialog), that helps validate user input, and can be re-used by varied dialogs.

  • Content List templates

    While a View is supposed to display a single content, a List provides methods to query content - possibly of different types - and layouts to display the content.

  • Publication lifecycle

    eXo Platform provides a built-in publication lifecycle but you can create a new one.

  • CKEditor

    CKEditor is included in eXo Platform already. This tutorial gives a help in customizing or writing new tools with it.

  • Categories

    Let's get familiar with the concepts of category and category tree in eXo Platform.

  • Script action

    Tutorial of writing an ECMS action, a very useful feature for developers to make things happen in a Content system.

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