1.3. Customization Capabilities with eXo Platform

eXo Platform can be easily customized and extended by:


Almost everything in eXo Platform can be customized through extensions. The main concept behind extensions is that resources of your extensions will override resources of eXo Platform. See eXo Platform Extensions for more details.

Here are some examples of what can be done with extensions:


Applications are blocks that compose a portal page. eXo Platform comes with a lot of out-of-the-box applications which allow you to display a navigation menu, display a content or a list of content, manage bookmarks, display your next calendar events, and more. Also, you can create your own applications.

From a technical point of view, an application can be either a portlet or a gadget. Therefore, it is important to understand distinctions between gadgets and portlets. While portlets are user interface components that provide fragments of markup code from the server side, gadgets generate dynamic web content on the client side. With gadgets, small applications can be built quickly, and mashed up on the client side using lightweight Web-Oriented Architecture (WOA) technologies, like REST or RSS.

Developing portlets and gadgets complies with different rules and components that are detailed in:

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