API provided by the UIComponent (UIViewer.java)

Function nameParamReturnDescription
getCategoryInfo EmptyCategoryInfo objectGets the object CategoryInfo.
arrangeList (List< String > list): List of path A new list is arrangedArranges a list of paths.
render (String): The content of answers or comments A new string is converted by function renderRenders the content of answers or comments.

private String id;
private String path;
private String name;
private List<String> pathName;
private List<QuestionInfo> questionInfos = new ArrayList<QuestionInfo>();
private List<SubCategoryInfo> subCateInfos = new ArrayList<SubCategoryInfo>();
id String The JCR node name of the category node.
path String The JCR node path of the category node.
name String The name of the category.
pathName List<String> The path to the category includes a list of category names.
questionInfos List<QuestionInfo> The list of QuestionInfo object.
subCateInfos List<SubCategoryInfo> The list of SubCategoryInfo object.

private String id;
private String question;
private String detail;
private List<String> answers = new ArrayList<String>();
id String The JCR node name of the question node.
question String The content of the question.
details String Details of the question.
answers List<String> The list of answers for the question.
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