5.4.1. Compatibility

Basic compatibility

eXo Platform core has a basic compatibility for Microsoft environments. So, if you are using Windows (7 or 8) with Microsoft Office 2013 (or 2010) installed, you can work with Word, Excel and Powerpoint files only on IE11.


To make Open in Office work well on IE11, you need to enable ActiveX by selecting Internet OptionsSecurity tabCustom levelInitialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe for scripting, and ticking the Enable (not secure) checkbox.

Enhanced compatibility

For editing more file types and in various platforms, it is required your administrator install the Remote Edit add-on on the server (by the command: addon install exo-remote-edit). With this installation, you can start using Open in Office in more various environments. Here are the client environments that are currently supported in eXo Platform 4.2:



Office suites

Windows (7 & 8)

IE11, Firefox, Chrome

Microsoft Office 2010, 2013

MAC OS 10.9

Firefox, Safari, Chrome

Microsoft Office for Mac 2011

Ubuntu 14.04


LibreOffice 4.4, OpenOffice 4.1


  • It is recommended you use the last versions of Firefox and Chrome.

  • Currently, you cannot open/edit one file via Chrome in Linux. This is because that Chrome in Linux does not support NPAPI any longer, so the IT Hit applet cannot be used.

  • For Chrome in Windows and MAC OS, you need to enable NPAPI, as said here.

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