5.4. Open in Office

With the Open in Office feature, you are able to easily edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations in the native applications installed on your client, without keeping a local copy.

In fact, this feature already existed before, but in eXo Platform 4.2, more operating systems and browsers will be supported. You will be able to open not only Office formats, but also virtually any file format as long as an application is associated with it in your client.

Depending on the file type, a new contextual action appears as below:


The labels used for these buttons can be set by an administrator. See how-to in Administrator Guide.

This feature can be used not only in the Activity Stream (like above), but also in many places:


These buttons will not be displayed in case multiple files are selected.

How to use?

By clicking either of these buttons, you can open and edit that document in one native application that is registered on your client. A new version of the document will be automatically created when it is saved within the Office application.


To make this feature work well, you need to learn about Compatibility as well as Client requirements.

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