3.1. Accessing a space

After logging in eXo Platform successfully, you will see a list of your spaces under MY SPACES on the left pane of the page.



You can also see all your spaces by directly clicking the link or clicking Join a space to open the Spaces page, then selecting the My Spaces tab.

The Space navigation includes the following tabs:

To access a specific space, just click the space name.


You can quickly find out your desired space from the list of your spaces by typing its name/description into the Search Spaces box on the left pane or using the Search feature in the Space application. See the Searching for spaces section for more details.

Accessing via URL

When you try to access a space or a space page via its URL while you are not its member yet, you will receive various instructions as follows:


Administrator, who has the highest permission, can see and access all spaces for the administration purpose.

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