4.2. Built-in commands

Built-in commands of Crash add-on is documented at:

Crash version is displayed when you connect to the shell. You can get a list of commands by typing % help.

Basically the add-on provides base commands and JCR commands. The following examples help you quickly get familiar with the shell and the commands:

Exploring JCR repository

  1. Start eXo Platform and connect to the shell: telnet localhost 5000.

  2. Connect to the repository of eXo Platform JCR: % repo use container=portal

  3. Connect to a workspace: % ws login -u root -p gtn collaboration

  4. Show the properties and children of the current node: % ls

  5. Go to a node by : % cd command with a path. If the path is absent, it navigates to the root node (/). Use tab key for path auto-suggest and auto-complete.

    % cd exo:applications/
    % cd /Users
    % cd ..
  6. Disconnect from the workspace: % ws logout

  7. Quit the shell: % bye

JCR Export/Import

  1. Export a node to xml: scp -P 2000 root@localhost:portal:portal-system:/production/app:gadgets gadgets.xml

  2. Re-import the xml: scp -P 2000 gadgets.xml root@localhost:portal:portal-system:/production/

The format of the node path: container:workspace:/path/of/node.

Note that the time to import/export might be significant, depending on the size of the node content.

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