4.1. Connecting to the shell


There are different distributions for Tomcat and JBoss.

Connecting to the shell

After Platform started, you can connect to the Crash shell via Telnet or SSH.

Configuring the ports

To change default ports (Telnet 5000, SSH 2000), customize those variables:

This sample is for Linux. For Windows and details how to customize variables, see Administrator guide.

Configuring the session maxage

By default, when you are connecting to a workspace, your session will automatically log out after 300 seconds of being idle. If this session maxage is quite short for you, in a development/test environment you can increase the exo.jcr.sessionregistry.sessionmaxage property.

In exo.properties, (see Configuration overview if you have not created this file yet), add this line:


The unit is second.


Beware that this is a JCR configuration and in production, you change it only when you are fully acknowledged of performance impact.

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