Chapter 3. Settings

The Settings are the same whether you are on iPhone, iPad or on an Android device. But how to get there is different:


Login settings are only available when signed in.

Options related to your login preferences:

  • Remember me: Turn this ON if you want your username and password to be remembered. This way, when the app starts and opens the Authentication screen, the values are already typed.

  • Auto login: Turn this ON if you want to be signed in automatically when the app starts.


Social setting is only available when signed in.

  • Remember my filter: The News Feed allows you to display news from 4 streams: All, My Connections, My Spaces and My Stream. Turn this option ON if you want the app to re-open the last visited stream when you open the news.


Choose one of the available languages from this setting.

If you do not see your language, it is only a matter of seconds to get you started on our translation website.


This setting displays the accounts configured on the app. Tap one to open the edit screen. Tap New Account to configure a new account, using the configuration assistant described in Configuring your account.


While signed in, you can edit only the name of the current server, but not its URL or credentials.

Application information

Few information about the app and the server.

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