1.12. Data source provider


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The DataSourceProvider is a service used to give access to a data source in a uniform manner. It gives the ability to support data sources that are managed by the application server.

The service offers the following methods:

getDataSource(String dataSourceName)Tries to get the data source from a JNDI lookup. If it can be found and the data source is defined as managed, the service will wrap the original DataSource instance in a new DataSource instance that is aware of its managed state. Otherwise, it will return the original DataSource instance.
isManaged(String dataSourceName)Indicates whether or not the given data source is managed.


The configuration of the DataSourceProvider should be defined only if you use managed data sources since by default all the data sources are considered as not managed. See below the default configuration:

         <!--  Indicates that the data source needs to check if a tx is active
              to decide if the provided connection needs to be managed or not.
              If it is set to false, the data source will provide only
              managed connections if the data source itself is managed.  -->
         <!-- Indicates that all the data sources are managed 
              If set to true the parameter never-managed and 
              managed-data-sources will be ignored -->
         <!-- Indicates the list of all the data sources that are 
              managed, each value tag can contain a list of
              data source names separated by a comma, in the
              example below we will register ds-foo1, ds-foo2 
              and ds-foo3 as managed data source. If always-managed
              and/or never-managed is set true this parameter is ignored -->
            <value>ds-foo1, ds-foo2</value>

check-tx-activeIndicates that the data source needs to check if a transaction is active to decide if the provided connection needs to be managed or not. If this parameter is set to false, the data source will provide only managed connections if the data source itself is managed. By default, this parameter is set to true. If this parameter is set to true, it will need the TransactionService to work properly, so you need to ensure that the TransactionService is defined in your configuration.
always-managedIndicates that all the data sources are managed. If this parameter is set to true, the never-managed and managed-data-sources parameters will be ignored, so it will consider all the data sources as managed. By default, this parameter is set to false.
managed-data-sourcesThis parameter indicates the list of all the data sources that are managed, each value tag can contain a list of data source names separated by a comma. If always-managed and/or never-managed is set to true, this parameter is ignored.

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