Chapter 12. Administering eXo Platform


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This chapter is for administrators only who have the highest right to administer eXo Platform via the following topics:

  • Branding eXo Platform

    Instructions on how to change your company logo and the color of the top navigation bar in the portal.

  • Notification administration

    Instructions on how to enable/disable notification plugins.

  • Customizing the look and feel of eXo Platform

    Instructions on how to create and apply a global stylesheet into a site.

  • Editing eXo Platform

    Instructions on how to edit certain aspects of eXo Platform, including website content, pages and sites.

  • Content Administration

    The way to access the Content Administration page where you can manage workspaces, drives, node types, metadata, templates, and queries.

  • WebDAV

    Definition of WebDAV and its advantages, how to access a workspace using various WebDAV clients (on a web browser or in an OS window), and WebDAV restrictions.

  • Managing your organization

    Instructions on how to manage users, groups and memberships in eXo Platform.

  • Managing sites

    In-depth instructions on how to create, edit and delete sites.

  • Managing pages

    Steps to add/delete a new page, and edit its properties and layout.

  • Managing permissions

    Introduction to permission levels in eXo Platform, and how to set permissions at various levels.

  • Managing navigations

    Introduction to navigation levels eXo Platform, and in-depth instructions on how to perform various actions on navigation nodes.

  • Managing applications

    How to manage categories, portlets and gadgets, and introduction to management and monitoring gadgets in eXo Platform.

  • Building an online community

    How to enable users to register themselves, publish some resources for anonymous access

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