Chapter 9. Managing Your Calendars


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This chapter introduces you to the Calendar application and its actions that allow you to schedule appointments and meetings, establish recurring activities, create multiple calendars and share calendars with others. With Calendar, it is easy to keep track of all important events/tasks and collaborate with other people, all in one place. This chapter is divided into the following topics:

  • Calendar interface

    Introduction to the Calendar interface and its main components.

  • Creating a calendar

    How to create a personal calendar, group calendar or remote calendars.

  • Editing a calendar

    Steps to edit details and properties of a calendar, to set the calendar color, and to delete a calendar.

  • Exporting/Importing a calendar

    How to import calendars or export calendars to a calendar application that supports the iCalendar format.

  • Sharing a personal calendar

    Information about setting permissions on your shared calendar and how to share your personal calendar with other users so that they can participate in all activities of the calendar.

  • Scheduling an event

    How to to perform common actions with events in Calendar: creating, editing, deleting, importing and exporting events.

  • Editing Calendar settings

    Steps to change the Calendar preferences.

  • Generating RSS

    Steps to publish your calendar as an RSS feed.

  • Managing categories

    Steps to add, edit and delete categories which are used to classify events and tasks.

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