3.1. Task Management overview


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To use your Task Management application effectively, there are some terms that you should be aware of:

The Task Management overview is divided into three main areas, including left, central and right panes.

The left pane

This pane includes three sections:

The central pane

This pane is used to display tasks filtered via the left pane and top Filter. In case you are in a project, a Board view is provided so that you can manage the project's tasks more easily.

The right pane

This pane displays details of the task that is selected from the central pane where you can modify any information of the task.


Inside spaces, the Task Management overview is similar as above, but the project list is filtered to display only projects that are accessible for the members of the spaces. Besides, there will be no Incoming filter on the left menu and clicking on a label will display only the tasks with the selected labels in the spaces' projects.

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