2.2. Describing add-ons


You are looking at documentation for an older release. Not what you want? See the current release documentation.

Use the describe command to display more information of an individual add-on (for example, available versions, name, description, license).

addon describe addonId[:addonVersion] [--no-cache] [--offline] [--catalog=$URL] [--batch-mode]

For instance, to see information of the exo-acme-sample add-on with version 4.3.0, use this command: addon describe exo-acme-sample:4.3.0

You will see that the add-on version is compatible with eXo Platform Enterprise Edition 4.3.0 (both Tomcat and Jboss).

In case you do not include the addonVersion, the eXo Add-ons Manager will display information of the latest development version of that add-on:

The usage of the other options is in the same way as the list command.

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